Balanced to Single Ended Adapter – 4 Pin XLR to 1/4″ TRS


Don’t want to buy or haul around separate cables for you balanced and single-ended gear?  That’s cool.  Audiophile Ninja’s got your back.

Grab one of our 4-pin XLR balanced cables, and one of these guys, and BAM… instant compatibility with any standard 4-pin XLR balanced amp and 1/4″ single-ended amp.  Made with the same top-notch components as our premium cables.

PS:  We only make adapters that convert a balanced headphone cable to be used in a single-ended amp.  Don’t ask us to build one that converts single-ended to balanced….. it doesn’t work, and don’t buy one from someone who claims it can…. it could damage your precious gear.  Don’t become a Sad panda.


Length:  Approximately 1-7 inches, measured between connectors.
Cable:  26 AWG per conductor, star quad.  Pro audio quality copper from Canare cable.
Connector:  Professional Neutrik 4 Pin XLR female and matching Neutrik 1/4″ TRS male.
Solder:  Cardas silver bearing solder.

Weight N/A
Length (Between Connectors)

Short 1-3", Medium 3-5", Long 5-7"