Balanced to Single Ended Adapter – 2.5mm TRRS (F) to 1/4″ TRS (M)


Don’t want to buy or haul around separate cables for you balanced and single-ended gear?  That’s cool.  Audiophile Ninja’s got your back.

Grab one of our 2.5mm TRRS balanced cables, and one of these guys, and BAM… instant compatibility with any standard 2.5mm TRRS balanced amp and 1/4″ TRS single-ended amp.  Made with the same 99.9% pure copper wire and top-notch components as our premium cables.

PS:  We only make adapters that convert a balanced headphone cable to be used in a single-ended amp.  Don’t ask us to build one that converts single-ended to balanced….. it doesn’t work, and don’t buy one from someone who claims it can…. it could damage your precious gear.  Don’t become a sad panda.

Warranty: 1 Year


Length:  Approximately 2-7 inches, measured between connectors.
Cable:  26 AWG per conductor.  99.9% pure copper.  Professional grade Canare cable.
Connector:  Gold plated 2.5mm TRRS female to a 1/4″ TRS male.
Solder:  Cardas silver bearing solder.

Length (Between Connectors)

Short 2-4", Long 5-7"